2017 Project Miata Goals

  • Tune the Megasquirt ECU
  • Drive the car a lot, gather lots of data, refine the engine tune
  • Take car to a load bearing chassis dyno for even more engine tuning
  • Install new brake discs and pads all around
  • Reattach Redline Goods leather gauge hood cover where it is coming loose
  • Modify instrument cluster so that the lights behind the tachometer are more diffuse so all the numbers on the gauge face are illuminated, possibly install LED bulbs
  • Install Revlimiter anti-glare lenses for my KG Works instrument panel cover
  • Install new door panel interior trim (upper and lower panels, door pulls), window bushings and window guide
  • Maybe purchase and install new coilovers (Fox or XIDA) if time and budget allows
  • Maybe retrim spare NA6 seats in black leather if budget allows, swap out MSM seats
  • Start work on restoration of D-Tech M2-1001 front bumper and making mold to reproduce in carbon fiber

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