Project Miata Goals

The overall vibe I’m going for is a bit of a restomodified M2-1001. The purpose of the car is primarily to enjoy spirited drives along rural backroads with the occasional auto-x and track day thrown in for good measure. As such, the car will remain normally aspirated and the build will seek to enhance the original character and feel of the Miata without going overboard (no offense to those who like to go overboard). Ultimately I want more of a purists car that is relatively simple and light, both figuratively and literally. Think modern day Lotus Elan with Japanese reliability. […]


com·ple·tist kəmˈplētist/ noun an obsessive, typically indiscriminate, collector or fan of something. My Road&Ster magazine collection is complete. I have every issue from #1 to #58. I also have every Eunos/Mazda Roadster HyperREV issue from #1 to #6 and every issue of AiR from #1 to #7. It took a long time but it was worth the wait. It’s a lot of fun to look through these old issues. Now Minkara and other enthusiast forums on the Internet have replaced Road&Ster. It is sad that Road&Ster is no more but I am happy that I can go back and enjoy […]

It’s Alive!

Big milestone reached with the Miata project. Still a big mountain to climb ahead as I teach myself how to tune it so that it actually drives under its own power safely and reliably. But it feels good to finally have reached this point. I thunk I was an engineer and now I are one 🙂   1991 Mazda Miata with 2000 BP4W motor swap, TWM / Borla individual throttle bodies and MS Labs Basic MS3 Megasquirt ECU. Starts, idles and revs with no load. This is about as far as a base map will get you. Now the real […]

IAT Sensor Mounting Location

Getting super accurate IAT readings with an ITB setup isn’t so easy without a cold air intake plenum. While a cold air box is ideal, to begin with, I’m running an open element air filter. Accordingly, I must accept that there will be some IAT error no matter where I mount the sensor.   Initially, I mounted my IAT to the shock tower on the exhaust side of the engine bay and some people questioned that decision. I figured it wouldn’t be that big of a deal since the exhaust manifold is getting a thermal insulating blanket from Track Dog Racing. And […]

Project Miata Update

Got another day to work on the car. My dad got the Golden Eagle vacuum manifold mounted and the vacuum connections made. He also made a little bracket to help support the coolant return hard pipe and fit the PCV oil vapor catch can.   We had to redo the throttle cable end so that we could use the TWM supplied cable adjuster. First we cut off the factory adjuster that was swedged onto the cable conduit. Fortunately my tackle box of cable making parts from Flanders came in handy as I needed to fit a cable ferrule over the […]

Project Miata Update

Made some more progress over the weekend. – All new clutch hydraulic system filled and bled – Throttle cable shortened – Vacuum manifold installed on fuse box bracket where windshield washer bottle used to be – Vacuum line for MAP sensor routed through firewall to ECU – Vacuum caps and constant tension spring clamps fit to the hose barbs above each intake runner on the ITBs – Flexible fuel hoses made   ^^ Picture shows the splayed cable ends after soldering. It is the splayed ends that give the cable end strength. The solder just keeps the ends frozen in […]

Project Miata Update

Quick update: 1) New air filter backing plate is cut to better position the air filter now that we’ve resolved the AC hose conflict. I feel like we checked this a few times but I’m hoping the Dzus quarter turn fasteners have sufficient fuel rail clearance. 2) 1.6 lower radiator hard pipe offset mounting bracket was made out of steel and painted. This positions the two 1.6 radiator hoses correctly so there is no contact with anything that could wear a hole through. We couldn’t use the OEM 1-piece NB8 lower radiator hose due to conflict with our NA6 AC […]

Project Miata Update

Finally got a chance to work on the car a bit this past weekend. The custom AC hose worked out okay. Initially I was very pleased with the hose routing but when we attempted to fit the ITG filter we still had an interference due to the service port so we ended up with a final routing that is not as nice but gets the job done. We made use of existing body holes for securing rubber coated p-clamps and we made one custom bracket. We installed new o-rings and pulled a vacuum on the system that held at 29.9″ […]