Pipe & Cigar

Dashboard Pipe Holder

I stumbled across this charming 1925 Morris Oxford Long Wheelbase “Bullnose” Tourer auctioned by H and H at the Chateau Impney sale in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, England back in 2014. In the auction catalog I spotted this picture showing the most charming dashboard pipe holder and ash tray. I can see it now, a gentleman motoring down a narrow country lane, wearing a tweed jacket and cap, pipe clenched between his teeth. How very 1920s British! 

Smoking Accoutrement

Half the fun of smoking is all the accoutrement you get to fiddle with. Pipe smoking is the opposite of cigarette smoking – it isn’t pre-packaged, it isn’t meant for convenience, you don’t inhale, etc. It’s all about quiet reflection and contemplation, savoring the ritual and the moment. Peterson Deluxe leather 2 pipe pouch Royal Crown stainless steel portable folding pipe stand Cheapo multi-tool poker/ scraper/ stamper Wooden matches Disposable lighter (just in case I’ve run out of matches or if it’s especially windy) Standard pipe cleaners

Pipe Smoking

Basket Pipe

Basket pipes are literally pipes that are sold in bulk at tobacconists in a basket placed by the cash register. They may be stamped or carved with any number of markings but in reality they are generic. Sometimes they may be rejects made by a famous pipe brand that didn’t meet their strict quality standards. Or they might be pipes made by any number of people working in a small cottage industry that copies the designer, name brand pipes. Some basket pipes are absolute garbage. Many are okay quality. Sometimes you find a great smoker. The key is picking the […]

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