Project Miata Update

Check original base tune setting for CLT thermistor setting. So which is it, Mazda or RX-7 S4&S5?

So I read some old posts on and Braineack says several times to use RX-7 S4&S5. Every time I go to Tools –> Calibrate Thermistor Tables and set CLT to RX-7 S4&S5 and write it to the controller, when I open it back up again it shows that CLT is set to RX-7_AFM(S5 in AFM). Both Common Sensor Values share the same data tables so I’m thinking this is just a bug in Tuner Studio.


Figure out why MS3 is not reading NB cam sensor.

Fixed the harness. See previous post.

Once NB cam sensor is verified to be working, perform Composite Log to verify cam signal is syncing with crank signal. This is only necessary in the future if I switch to sequential fuel injection and/or VVT control. Right now the engine can run off the crank position signal alone as the software can then interpolate the cam position.

You can see there is only sync loss until the CKP reads the missing teeth in the FM 36-2 trigger wheel. And we are getting cam signal now. Uneven CKP spacing is due to the engine spinning up from 0 rpm to idle speed.

CMP and CKP are in sync at idle speed.

Here you can see the single nub and the pair of nubs on the cam gear that the CMP is reading with every revolution of the camshaft.


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