Toda Racing Inspiration

I’ve long been a fan of TODA Racing Co., Ltd. of Japan. They manufacture consistently high-quality engine parts for a variety of Japanese cars. I’m proud to say that I’ve got their lightweight flywheel and adjustable cam pulleys on my own engine build. I’ve even got a red valve cover in no small part to the image below. When I first got into Miatas I wanted to build myself a copy of this engine. Sadly, the TODA individual throttle bodies are no longer available and they never offered their custom, high-rise, equal-length runner exhaust manifold to the general public. But I can say that I’ve long been inspired by what they built.

Toda Racing Mazda BP with Sports Injection 4-Throttles
Toda Racing Mazda BP Sports Injection 4-Throttles

This motor also has their high-compression pistons, lightweight valvetrain and a few other neat tricks like the cogged belt water pump pulley (without power-steering pump or air-conditioning compressor), the oil cooler adapter (sans oil filter) and the addition of an extra idler pulley to keep the timing belt from jumping a tooth at sustained high-rpm operation.



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