1991 Mazda Miata


Former daily driver. Weekend toy car. Race car. Father / son project. Money pit. Happiness.



My 1991 Mazda Miata



Make Mazda
Model MX-5 Miata
Model Year 1991
Build Date 11/90
Purschase Date 8/11/2004
Purchase Mileage 90,000
Current Mileage on Chassis 185,000
Current Mileage on Engine 73,955


Mazda BP4W 1.8L from 2000 Miata
ITG JC50/75 Air Filter with JC50 Aluminum Baseplate
TWM 45mm Invidividual Throttle Body Kit
Aeroquip Startlite Racing Fuel Hose -6AN
Summit Racing Chrome Plated Fuel Pressure Gauge, 0-100 psi
Borla Induction Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Bosch EV14 Fuel Injectors, 33lb/hr @ 58PSI
Injector Dynamics Fuel Injector PnP Adapter USCAR to Denso
Maruha Motors Fuel Injector Port Plugs for OEM Injector Location
Hondata Heatshield Phenolic Plastic Intake Manifold Gasket
Golden Eagle Manufacturing Vacuum Manifold
Mazdaspeed Gold Anodized Oil Filler Cap
Red Wrinkle Powdercoated Valve Cover with Exposed Cam Pulleys
Toda Racing Free Adjusting Cam Pulleys Intake and Exhaust
Garage Star Stainless Steel Cam Gear Washers and Socket Head Screws
Garage Star Alternator and Water Pump Pulleys
ATI Super Damper Harmonic Balancer
Flyin' Miata 36-2 Crankshaft Position Sensor Trigger Wheel
Gates Racing Kevlar Timing Belt
Internally Regulated Alternator from 1994-97 Miata
Flyin' Miata 1.6->1.8 Stainless Steel Coil Bracket
MS Labs Basic MS3 V2.2 Megasquirt ECU Application 90-93
Singular Motorsports ECU Bracket
MS Labs Wideband O2 Sensor CAN Module
Innovate Motorsports LC-2 Digital Wideband Controller with Sensor
GM Open Element IAT Sensor
OEM '99-'00 BP4W Cam Position Sensor and Crank Position Sensor
High Power Improvement (HPI) Top Mount Engine Torque Damper
Mazda Comp Motor Mounts
Suzuki Cappuccino Windshield Washer Bottle Relocated to Cowl
OEM '91 Air Conditioning with Custom AC Low-Pressure Suction Hose

Cooling System

Koyo 36mm Hypercore Aluminum Radiator VH060245
Koyo 1.3bar Radiator Cap
M-Tuned Coolant Reroute Kit
Custom Coolant Reroute Hard Pipe
NA6 2-piece Lower Radiator Hose
Custom Offset Mounting Bracket for NA6 Lower Radiator Hard Pipe
Murray Stainless Steel Turbo Seal Hose Clamps
Trackspeed Engineering Water Neck Coolant Block Off
All Small Coolant Hoses Deleted
ARC Titanium Radiator Panel

Exhaust System

Racing Beat Stainless Steel Tubular Exhaust Manifold 1994-97 Miata
ARP 12-point Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Nuts
Track Dog Racing exhaust manifold heat shield blanket
Racing Beat EGR Exhaust Manifold Plug
Racing Beat Stainless Steel Race Pipe 1994-97 Miata
Racing Beat Stainless Steel Power Pulse Exhaust System 1990-95 Miata
PowerFlex EXH-005 Polyurethane Exhaust Hanger Bushings


Mazda Model M (Type II) 5-speed manual from 2000 Miata
Toda Racing Lightweight CrMo Flywheel for BP (NA8C/NB8C)
Exedy Mazda Value Clutch for BP (NA8C/NB8C)
Mazda Comp Aluminum Shift Lever Bushing
Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Upper Clutch Hydraulic Line
SuperMiata Stainless Steel Braided Lower Clutch Hydraulic Line


Mazda Torsen Type I from 1994 Miata
4.1:1 Final Drive Ratio
Energy Suspension Polyurethane Mounting Bushings


Supermiata XIDA Gen2 Race Coilovers Full Aluminum Monotube Construction
Tractive Suspension Dampers, Single Adjustable Compression & Rebound Together, 20 Steps (Full Clockwise is Full Stiff)
2.25" Hyperco Springs 700 lbs/in Front, 400 lbs/in Rear
Supermiata NB Style Shock Mounts
AWR Refinforced Front Sway Bar Mounting Brackets
Racing Beat Front Sway Bar 94-97 Solid Front .93" (15/16")
OEM 12mm Rear Sway Bar
949 Racing Adjustable Sway Bar End Links
Energy Suspension Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings
ARP Extended Wheel Studs
Mazda "R-package" Tie Rod Ends for Bump Steer Correction


Brake Calipers and Rotors from 1994-97 Miata (NA8)
Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines


Hard Dog Hard Bar Sport Roll Bar Black w/ Single Diagonal and Harness Bar
Hard Dog Black Leather Roll Bar Cover w/ Custom Formed High Density Main Hoop Padding
Flyin' Miata Stainless Steel Frame Rail Reinforcement Kit
Racing Beat Front Lower Control Arm Brace
Flyin` Miata Cannon Rear Subframe Brace


Panasport FS15E 15x7 ET38 PCD4x100
Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 205/50-15
949 Racing Black Anodized Aluminum Extended Open End Lug Nuts

Body Parts

Mazda Detachable Hard Top with Rear Window Defroster
RennenMetal Spec Miata Hardtop Brackets for B-Pillar Mount Only
Yours Sports Borgh Type A Duckbill Trunk Spoiler
Garage Vary Nostalgic Tail Lamp Conversion
GR Craft FRP Fender Flares
Mazda Type B "R-package" Front Bumper Spoiler
Runabout M2 Style Side View Mirrors
Mazda Comp Tow Hooks Front and Rear
Garage Star Type I Offset Front License Plate Bracket
Advanced Autosports Lexan Vent Window Driver Side
Mazda Tribute Fluidic Windshield Washer Nozzles
RoadsterTech Antenna Delete Plug


Mazdaspeed Miata (NB) Black Leather Seats with Red Contrast Stitching
Brey Krause Model R-9511 Fire Extinguisher Seat Base Mount
Amerex 2.5 lb Halon Fire Extinguisher
Momo Montecarlo 350mm Black Leather Steering Wheel
Alternate: Momo Montecarlo 320mm Black Leather Steering Wheel
Alternate: Momo Mod 88 320mm Black Suede Steering Wheel
Alternate: Mazdaspeed Limited Edition 350mm Black Leather Steering Wheel
Rogue Engineering Steering Wheel Quick Release Adapter
Alternate: Techno Toy Tuning 75mm Steering Wheel Hub Extender
Daikei Steering Wheel Hub Boss
Redline Goods Black Leather Gauge Hood Cover
K.G. Works Independent Look Instrument Panel Black
RevLimiter M2-1028 MPH Gauge Faces with Green Backlighting
RevLimiter Anti-Reflective Lenses for KG Works NA Cluster
RevLimiter Sharka HVAC Vent Rings Satin Black
!n-joy Sun Visor Blanking Plates
OMP Racing OA/1000 Pedal Covers
Flyin' Miata Bill Bowser Clutch Switch Override
RS Factory Stage "Jimmy" Shift Knob
RS Factory Stage "Jimmy" hand brake handle and button (Pending)
M2-1001 Leather Shift Boot
M2-1001 Leather Handbrake Boot
M2-1001 Transmission Console Carpet with Shifter Trim Ring
Nielex Hazard / Popup Toggle Switches
M2-1028 Shorty Radio Console
RoadsterTech Radio Delete Blanking Plate in Black Matte with Rack Mount System
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-Inch Tablet in OtterBox Defender Case and Scosche Magnetic Mount XL
EFI Analytics Shadow Dash MS using wired FTDI Based USB to RS232 Adapter to ECU
Duetto Unbreakable Rain Rail
RetroModern Knurled Dimmer Switch Knob
Custom M2-1028 Style Low Profile Door Panels in Black Vinyl
Typesticky/KFC (Rik) Vintage Style Black Leather Door Pull Straps
Garage Star Delrin Door Bushings

Car Audio Visual

Hella E-code Headlamps
Sylvania Silverstar 60/55W Hi/Low H4 Headlamp Bulbs
Nautilus Compact Twin-Tone Air Horn
Radio Delete


2004 Purchased for $1900.

2004-2012 Daily driver and weekend autocross race car, lots of upgrades made during this time.

2012 Given to my dad to make room for my new GTI daily driver.

2014 Father/son motor swap project begins.

2016 Motor swap completed.


Up on jack stands

Project Miata Update

One of the main benefits to ITBs is their very small throttled volume (that is the volume between the throttle plate and the back of the intake valves), which bestows them with excellent throttle response. Another benefit is that that they have a very large throttle area, which means they can flow a lot more air, without the negative consequences of a single throttle of similar area. You see, throttles must be sized appropriately for the engine. Like the fairy tale of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, you don’t want a throttle that is too big nor too small. Throttles […]

MS Labs CAN Wideband Module V2.1 PCB Front

Project Miata Update

Well that was quick! My new MS Labs CAN Wideband Module with optional OBD-II port has arrived. UPS 3 Day Select all the way across the country arrived in just 2 days! Big thanks to Trackspeed Engineering for the quick order processing. Some observations: The new hardware enclosure is anodized black instead of silver/clear. The case screws are now T10 Torx instead of Phillips head. There is a second serial connector for the OBD-II harness. The PCB is v2.1. Obviously a completely different design to accommodate the OBD-II. No more jumper wires on the back side of the PCB. Sorry […]

Project Miata Update

Trying to troubleshoot random sync loss errors. In this video you can hear the engine stumble momentarily due to a sync loss error at 1:34 and again at 2:44. Data logs show the sync loss for reason #2 (missing tooth at wrong time). This only seems to happen when the CAN module is plugged in. When unplugged, I don’t get the random sync loss errors. I also ran the high speed Composite Logger and the cam and crank signals patterns appear to be normal during the sync loss events. Disappointingly, Reverant has not responded to my last two email inquiries […]

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