My Old Volvo at Salvage Auction My car has already turned up at the salvage auto auction. It’s at the IAAI Culpepper, VA location. I really loved this car and had plans to keep it forever. In fact, I had just done the Volvo recommended 97,500 mile service on the car and had just filled the gas tank with super unleaded! However, I have no plans to buy my old car back.  Actual Cash Value is $11,308 and the Estimated Repair Cost is $9,462. Modern Volvos aren’t cheap to repair. If circumstances were different, maybe I would try to repair it myself. But I needed […]

Volvo No More

A few weeks ago I was in a fender bender on my way to work. It was one of those crappy situations where it was 100% my fault, because it is my duty not to hit other vehicles in front of me, but also a tough situation to avoid. A group of 4 or 5 vehicles, mine included, were stopped on a highway ramp waiting for traffic to clear so that we could merge from the interchange onto a 4-lane divided highway. There was no merge lane, just a yield sign at the end of the ramp. When there was […]

Silk metal steering wheel decor installed

One thing that bothered me about my new XC70 was the peeling steering wheel trim staring me right in the face each time I drove the car.  So the first order of business was to purchase a new steering wheel decor trim piece (p/n 31390457) from Tasca Parts.  The Charcoal color item is no longer available but I was happy to update to Silk Metal trim.  It matches the radio and ignition slot trim well.  I followed the installation instructions from the Volvo Accessories website. OEMplus upgrades help freshen up the interior.  No more peeling steering wheel trim! Volvo DiCE […]

Volvo Accessories Wish List

Here is a wish list of accessory items to personalize the Volvo.accessories.volvocars.comSirius Satellite Radio ModuleHardware Part. No. 31359450VIDA Application Part. No. 30752180Installation Instructions Roof SpoilerHardware Part. No. 39887608 Oyster grey pearl, 472Installation Instructions Steering Wheel Decor Panel Hardware Part. No. 31390457 Silk metalInstallation Instructions Child Seat Kick Guard Hardware Part. No. 31428081