Parts you need to modify to convert your Mikuni TM24 to cable actuated starter enrichment (choke)

In the beginning… When I first got the Aprilia, starting the bike with a cold engine would go something like this: Kickstand up. Ignition key on. Shift gearbox to neutral. Kill switch set to Run. Snake right hand between plastic bodywork and aluminum frame. Fumble around blindly as I awkwardly reach for the Mikuni TM24 carburetor plunger mechanism and pull up to activate the starter enrichment circuit (choke). Press starter button. Gently rev engine for a minute or so while stationary. Put on helmet and gloves. Set off down the road gently, upshifting before 7,000 rpm, keeping an eye on […]

CB350 Fuel System Plumbing

I’m using a Pingel Power-Flo On-Off “Race” fuel valve with a 5/16″ outlet. My Mikuni VM30 carbs are designed for a 5.5mm ID fuel supply hose. Given the size mismatch I needed to find a way to step down the hose size from fuel tank outlet to carb inlet. To do this I routed the fuel as follows: From petcock through 5/16 Tygon F-4040-A hose to Jiffy–tite dry break fuel system quick disconnect (-5 AN inlet, -5 AN outlet). From quick disconnect to Pingel 1-in 2-out fuel filter. Conveniently, the fuel filter is 1″ in diameter so I use a stainless steel […]

What would happen if a real GP bike showed up to the local kart track?

It seems at times that I like to follow the path of most resistance. I know a stock Honda XR100 or Kayo MR125 likely offers the best bang for the buck in NJMGP racing. But I just can’t get over how cool tricked out grand prix prototype race bikes are. I love MotoGP and I follow with great interest what’s going on with Freetech 50cc racing over in Europe and sometimes I think I’d like to play along even if it means I’m spending way too much money and getting my ass handed to me by smaller, lighter, faster riders […]

Smoking Accoutrement

Half the fun of smoking is all the accoutrement you get to fiddle with. Pipe smoking is the opposite of cigarette smoking – it isn’t pre-packaged, it isn’t meant for convenience, you don’t inhale, etc. It’s all about quiet reflection and contemplation, savoring the ritual and the moment. Peterson Deluxe leather 2 pipe pouch Royal Crown stainless steel portable folding pipe stand Cheapo multi-tool poker/ scraper/ stamper Wooden matches Disposable lighter (just in case I’ve run out of matches or if it’s especially windy) Standard pipe cleaners