My HiFi

music room


System 1: 2-Channel Stereo 1980s Component Stack

– Monster HDP 1800 High Definition PowerCenter
– NAD 1155 Preamplifier
– NAD 5220 Compact Disc Player
– NAD 4155 AM/FM Tuner
– NAD 6300 Cassette Tape Player
– NAD 2200PE Amplifier
– Bell’O Audio Tower
– Boston Acoustics VR M50 Bookshelf Speakers

System 2: 2-channel Stereo Analog Vinyl
– Technics SL-1200 Mk2 Turntable
– Denon DL-301II Moving Coil Cartridge
– KAB KAB Poly-Metal Platter Mat (bottom)
– Technics RGS0008 Thin 3mm Rubber Platter Mat (top)
– PS Audio GCPH Phono Preamplifier
– Dynaco ST-70 Tube Amplifier
– Boston Acoustics VR M50 Bookshelf Speakers



– Philips GA-312 turntable with Acutex M310 IIE Moving Magnet cartridge
– Logitech Squeezebox Duet C-RM66 Receiver
– VortexBox Appliance Network Area Storage Device
– Apple iPhone 4S with iPeng Remote Control Application
– ElevationLab iPhone 4 Dock with Audio Out