My Old Volvo at Salvage Auction

My car has already turned up at the salvage auto auction. It’s at the IAAI Culpepper, VA location. I really loved this car and had plans to keep it forever. In fact, I had just done the Volvo recommended 97,500 mile service on the car and had just filled the gas tank with super unleaded! However, I have no plans to buy my old car back.  Actual Cash Value is $11,308 and the Estimated Repair Cost is $9,462. Modern Volvos aren’t cheap to repair.

If circumstances were different, maybe I would try to repair it myself. But I needed new wheels ASAP to get back and forth to work so time was not on my side. Plus now I won’t have that nagging doubt in the back of my mind wondering if every little sound or issue is related to the crash or improper repairs. The body shop told me the rear bumper and tail gate from my old car would likely find a new home within days. Volvo paint quality on this car was outstanding, plus I had the Opti-Coat Pro Plus ceramic paint protection treatment, so the rest of the bodywork is in great shape (minus the crash damage). Not to mention the most comfortable seats ever! Did I say I was going to miss this car? Hopefully it helps other Volvos live on for many more years to come.

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