New Door Panels

Check out my new “Forever Door Panels” by Primer 3d aka vortexblue aka Chris. He’s a super cool old school air-cooled VW dude who used to work for Sector 111 building incredible Ariel Atoms and BAC Monos. Now he has his own business offering prototyping, 3d scanning, 3d printing and computer modeling services. He’s also doing these laser cut ABS plastic “Forever” door panels, which you can get from Goodwin Racing or at his stores on eBay and Etsy. The nice thing about them is they’ll never warp like the OEM hard board. I always like to upgrade when given the opportunity, like when I used the “Unbreakable” PVC rain rail on my soft top to replace the brittle OEM plastic one.


You can buy the raw door panels and upholster them yourself or you contact him directly to discuss custom upholstery options. If you own a 93LE, you’re in luck, as he has the red vinyl to redo your door panels. He also has some neat German basketweave vinyl for that Singer 911 vibe. I went with the plain black vinyl as my interior theme is subdued OEM+. These new door panels will eventually go on my car with new window bushings and tracks, vapor barriers, Acme Auto Headlining Co. door top rails, panel fasteners, window cranks and RM door pull fasteners with M2-1028 nylon pull straps.


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