Project Miata Update

Quick update:
1) New air filter backing plate is cut to better position the air filter now that we’ve resolved the AC hose conflict. I feel like we checked this a few times but I’m hoping the Dzus quarter turn fasteners have sufficient fuel rail clearance.

2) 1.6 lower radiator hard pipe offset mounting bracket was made out of steel and painted. This positions the two 1.6 radiator hoses correctly so there is no contact with anything that could wear a hole through. We couldn’t use the OEM 1-piece NB8 lower radiator hose due to conflict with our NA6 AC compressor and NA8 Racing Beat header. So now we’ve got the cooling system all sorted out (fingers crossed!).




3) The hard fuel lines interfere with the bottom of the air filter. This will require further bending of the hard fuel lines or possibly even remaking them from scratch. I know a lot of V8 guys run braided hose all the way from the fuel tank to the fuel rail. But if we end up having to make new fuel lines, I will probably try to recreate the OEM hard pipe as much as possible. I can’t simply cut the original pipe further down because it is covered with rubberized undercoating and I would be unable to get to clean metal to make the cut and 37° flare for the tube nuts.

4) Throttle cable is too long. I’m not sure what the deal is because Quinn, Wildo and circuitmstr didn’t report any troubles. But my original 1.6 throttle cable is about 1.75″ too long. Not the outer cable conduit part (although I suppose a little bit shorter might help some) but the inner part.

I cannot use the TWM supplied threaded cable adjuster as-is because the barrel end of the throttle cable is too large to pass through it. However, the TWM throttle linkage accepts the original Miata threaded cable adjuster that is already attached to the throttle cable. But with the adjuster dialed all the way I’ve still got so much slack that the pedal doesn’t even move the throttle plates. So I’ve either got to shorten my existing cable or make a new one or make a throttle cable spacer or maybe cut off the OEM cable adjuster and slot the TWM cable adjuster so I can use it with my OEM cable. I can do this as I’ve made throttle/ clutch/ brake cables for motorcycles before. It’s just more time lost, another setback.



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