Project Miata Update

Got another day to work on the car. My dad got the Golden Eagle vacuum manifold mounted and the vacuum connections made. He also made a little bracket to help support the coolant return hard pipe and fit the PCV oil vapor catch can.




We had to redo the throttle cable end so that we could use the TWM supplied cable adjuster. First we cut off the factory adjuster that was swedged onto the cable conduit. Fortunately my tackle box of cable making parts from Flanders came in handy as I needed to fit a cable ferrule over the end of the cable conduit so that the cable end can spin freely inside the new adjuster. We removed one of the throttle linkage return springs as the pedal force was just too high otherwise. Each throttle plate has its own independent throttle return spring so I’m not to worried about removing redundancy. In the event of a stuck throttle: clutch in, shift to neutral, shut car off. We have some lighter throttle springs from Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies just in case but they’re not as nice as the TWM supplied beehive springs with floating ends so I think I’ll just leave things as they are. Combined with the OMP accelerator pedal cover repositioned and the modified throttle cable we easily get WOT now and it snaps shut with authority.

Next I tucked the fuel injector wiring harness and secured it to the underside of the throttle bodies making sure they wouldn’t move and interfere with the linkage. I extended the wiring for the 2-wire CLT for ECU and 1-wire CLT for dash temp gauge to reach the new sensor locations in the M-tuned coolant reroute fitting at the rear water outlet. I de-pinned the CAS connector (actually it broke apart in the process due to age) and then connected the respective wires to the NB cam and crank position sensors. Ground and power had to be split to feed both sensors. I was using sensor pigtails from Ballanger and all 3 wires were black so I spent a lot of time checking and double checking wiring diagrams and connector pin positions to make sure I hooked things up correctly. I also fit the GM IAT sensor. Watched a YouTube video on how to assemble the connector [I]after[/I] I had already terminated the wire ends. Thankfully I was able to force the small ends into the connector body and pull them through using pliers without breaking the connector.

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Next steps:
– Fill cooling system
– Install WB02 sensor, controller and CAN module
– Install USB drivers to communicate with MS3 via USB cable
– Update MS3 firmware to V1.4.1
– Create new Tuner Studio project, connect to MS3, load .ini, configure settings, setup virtual dashboard, calibrate sensors, sanity check, start car, check for leaks, bleed cooling system, set base timing, tune.
– Update CAN module firmware to V1.0.4 (maybe)

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