Project Miata Update

The devil’s in the details. Apparently, I have a honkin’ ginormous v2.2 ECU from Reverant. So big, in fact, that it can’t fit completely on the Singular Motorsports ECU bracket. It’s about 40mm longer than the current MS Labs v3.0 ECU case the bracket was designed for. No problem. Zip ties and industrial strength velcro to the rescue. Never mind the rust in the passenger footwell. The bracket that the ECU cover mounts to got wet years ago when the AC evaporator drain line got blocked up. I’ve got a brand new, non-rusty cover to go over the ECU when it’s time. I’m also going to remove the sound deadening material since it’s just a moisture trap and clean up that general area before I button things back up.


Singular Motorsports ECU Bracket Bottom

Singular Motorsports ECU Bracket Ruler

Singular Motorsports ECU Bracket

Singular Motorsports ECU Bracket Footwell


Got the air filter base plate cut today. The holes are port matched perfectly so no turbulence. Cut the OEM chassis harness TPS connector off so that I could fit the TWM supplied connector instead. Had to use a combination of my Weather Pack crimp tool with the die block removed and some small pliers to crimp the new pins. Got the injector adapters installed onto the injector harness. Had to redo most of the injector harness wrap because it was falling apart. Looks brand new now. Started laying out the routing for all the other wires and vacuum hoses. Didn’t get as far as I’d hoped but now is not the time to cut corners. Re-packaging all these components is critical to ensure long-term reliability.

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