V8 Roadsters Pro Series Subframe and Billet Control Arms

Introducing the new Pro Series front subframe and billet aluminum X-lite series control arms from V8 Roadsters for the NA and NB Miata. This subframe kit is popular for engine swaps and custom turbo kit because it is strong, lightweight, easily customized for different motor mounts (fitting everything from GM LSx V8 to Mazda 13B) and provides increased room for routing turbo intercooler and exhaust pipes. The CNC machined alloy control arms are stronger and lighter than original.
V8 Roadsters Pro Series Subframe and Billet Control Arms

Upper control arms have integrated outer ball joint that allows for custom pins to adjust roll centers. Alignment is via 5/8″ heim joints and built in “on the fly” camber adjustments can be made through the upper arm via shims.


Front upper control arms cost $475 / pair.


Lower control arms also have integrated outer ball joints that allow for custom pins to adjust roll centers and 3/4″ heim joints improve suspension accuracy and make alignment adjustments simple. The lower control arms cost $799 / pair.


CAD designed and CNC manufactured race style front upper ball joint. 20% less drag then OEM, fully rebuild-able and lash adjustable, built-in grease fittings for ease of maintenance with hardened stud. Black oxide coated for all weather service.


Cost is $75 / ball joint. Compatible with factory stamped steel control arms but recommend reinforcement with weld to to provide additional support because the sheet metal is thin.


DSD coilovers are the entry level offering from V8 Roadsters but offer a good value. Featuring fully threaded aluminum body and mono-tube design, aluminum upper mounts, independent pre-load and ride height adjustments. Equipped with 10K (560lbs) front and 7K (392lbs) rear spring rates standard. These shocks can be rebuilt and custom valved also.


Ohlins Road & Track DFV available for $2,150. Custom valving and spring rates available.


Ohlins TTX36 & ILX36 are the ultimate NA/B race damper. Available with custom valving and spring rates for $4,800.

V8 Roadsters offers tubular control arms also in both “Elite” series and “Pro” series. The main difference between the two styles is uniball and heim mounting point vs. polyurethane bushings.

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