What would happen if a real GP bike showed up to the local kart track?

It seems at times that I like to follow the path of most resistance. I know a stock Honda XR100 or Kayo MR125 likely offers the best bang for the buck in NJMGP racing. But I just can’t get over how cool tricked out grand prix prototype race bikes are. I love MotoGP and I follow with great interest what’s going on with Freetech 50cc racing over in Europe and sometimes I think I’d like to play along even if it means I’m spending way too much money and getting my ass handed to me by smaller, lighter, faster riders on “lesser” machines. I like the bikes as much as if not more than the racing itself. The track is just the venue to play with the toys.

A lot of the Freetech bikes are based on 50cc race replicas like the Aprilia RS50, Derbi GPR and Rieju RS1. Some of the better builds are based on a Honda RS125, Jawa GP70, Metrakit XL80-R or Moriwaki MH80R. The coolest builds are using either modern factory racing frames like GRC Factory, RMU Moto, etc. (basically Moto3 level stuff) or ex-GP 80cc bikes like Derbis and Kreidler Van Veens. There’s some exotic prototype stuff going on.

I’ve often wondered what would happen if a real GP bike showed up and raced in F1, F2 or SuperMini. I mean a bike fully kitted out with a rotary disc valve 2-stroke motor, trick suspension, quick shifter, 150lbs dry weight, etc. I know it’s kind of silly to speculate and bench race, but it’s the off season so indulge me. I don’t want to be a disrupter or create cause to add rules to level the playing field. Just curious is all…. With scant rules, it seems like one could have fun building a really radical money pit machine. ;D

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